Are you still Managing
Coupons Manually?

Its Tiring
Its Confusing
Prone to make Mistakes

If you manage or work in a gas station/tobacco outlet you have to deal with managing coupons of all sorts and kinds, sort them, calculate the value, create invoices, keep track of payments and maintain the coupon accounts. There is no way around it.

Managing Coupons Manually

  • Is time consuming
  • Is prone to make calculation mistakes
  • leads to lost revenue each month
  • Gives limited control over the process
  • It is a big headache

I know first hand what a pain this is, because I have been doing it myself every single month, manually for years, at my gas station. Until one day I resolved there has to be a better way to do this.​

My name is Ganesh Desai, the guy in the top photo, and I want to share with you my Automated Manage Coupon solution that I developed and tested in 4 of my stores with amazing results:

I am now able to save 80% of my time processing coupons, recover hundreds of dollars each month in potential lost revenue from manual processing mistakes and even more importantly, save my mind from the headache of doing this process manually.

Once I got the solution, I realized I am not the only one struggling with this
challenge, so I created an online coupon management tool to help others like me.
I made it as affordable and risk free as possible so everyone can try it out.​



Easy to use: 1. Select Brand, 2. Select Coupon Type, 3. Enter Coupon Quantity.
That is it. You can now generate complete invoices for reimbursement. Go back
and edit at any time.


Never miss a payment. As soon as you receive a reimbursement check, remove it
from "Debtors" list. Makes it easy to track and follow up if needed.


Keep track of coupon details by brand and by time period. Generate reports for
total coupons sent and total payments received to date.


  • Easy to train employees to use and keep track of what they do
  • Avoid calculation mistakes that add up to significant $$ overtime
  • Simplify the whole process
  • Save 2 hours per 300 coupons processed
  • Low cost and risk, cancel anytime

All the gas station owners I talked to told me what a useful tool this is.
You owe it to yourself to try it out.

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